Gosling is also reportedly demanding to see the Academy's emails.

Gosling is also reportedly demanding to see the Academy’s emails.


Hollywood superstar Ryan Gosling has sensationally hit out at the Academy Awards, labelling them a “fake awards show”.

Still fuming from La La Land’s controversial stripping of the Best Picture Oscar in a bizarre onstage mixup, Gosling delivered a scathing, expletive-ridden tirade directed squarely at the academy after the ceremony.

“These awards are fake awards,” Mr. Gosling screamed outside of the venue.

“They are funded by China and it is a rigged game orchestrated by crooked Meryl…I want these awards banned from coming to America any more”

When asked if La La Land deserved to win the Best Picture award instead of Moonlight, Gosling responded sharply.

“No, La La Land is a piece of shit but I still say these awards are fake. Fake awards. All fake!”

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